My practice reflects my personality. I have a professional, warm and approachable practice. I spend a considerable time with each patient, to determine their goals and expectations. I am a person that needs a lot of information before making decisions, therefore I educate patients regarding different options available, expected outcomes and the risks involved. I am very risk averse and patient safety is number one priority for me. I see the patient and myself as a team. In this way, we can achieve results with which we are happy, in a safe way. If I feel that one cannot achieve your desired expectations, or if it’s too risky, I will explain this with my reasons.

The warm, comfortable environment of my office is designed to welcome our patients and put you at ease. Personalized patient care is my team’s top priority. We look forward to meeting you.



Petro Erasmus

Practice manager

 The Practice manager and front office face. Petro will assist you by scheduling your initial appointment, booking your theatre date and your follow-up visits. She will answer your administrative questions and assist where ever possible.

Anna-Marie Botha

Physiotherapist, B Phys T (UP) 1986

With 30 years of experience in pre- and post-operative patient care and rehabilitation, my role in the treatment of patients undergoing abdominal and/or combination surgery. Physiotherapy compliments your surgical procedure and adds towards your successful outcome.