Breast augmentation is done to enhance the fullness, shape/projection of your breast.

This can be done to enlarge small/underdeveloped breast, to restore volume loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding or to correct/ improve breast asymmetry.

The procedure can improve the balance of your figure and enhance your self-image and self-confidence.

Breast enlargement alone cannot correct ptosis (drooping breasts). A breast lift might be required in conjunction with an augmentation to achieve fuller and lifted breasts.


  • Your expectations
  • Your build/chest width
  • Your level of activity
  • The position (in front or behind the muscle)
  • Placement of the incision (scar)
  • Implant type
  • Round or anatomical (teardrop)

Are you unsure exactly what breast augmentation is? The Mayo Clinic defines this procedure as: Breast augmentation — also known as augmentation mammoplasty — is a surgical procedure to increase breast size. During breast augmentation, breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles.



  • The inframammary approach is the most utilized approach by Dr. Landman for breast augmentation. A small incision is made along the lower margin of the breast and is typically well-concealed in the breast fold. This incision method allows for the best surgical access to the interior breast anatomy for optimal implant placement and adjustment. It is also the safest option with the lowest risks of potential complications. Implants can also be placed through incisions in the axilla (under the arm) or peri-areolar. The benefits and trade-off of these incisions will also be discussed during your consultation.


  • Submuscular placement (better known as under muscle placement) is the more commonly used method for women undergoing breast enlargement in Dr Landman’s practice. This placement tends to produce a more natural appearance for most body types. In addition, recent studies suggest that this placement decreases the risk of capsular contracture, a complication in which excess scar tissue tightens around the implants. Due to the incision of the muscle tissue, this method may result in a longer recovery period with slightly more discomfort.
  • The sub-glandular method places the implant behind the breast tissue, but above the pectoral muscle. This method results in a more comfortable recovery but may be more likely to interfere with mammograms. However, less tissue over the implant means that the implants are more visible, palpable and may look less natural. Women with thin skin or very small breasts are not good candidates for this option.

Because we are all different these factors will be discussed in depth after examining you.

Dr. Landman has helped many women from JohannesburgPretoriaBloemfonteinCape Town and beyond with their breast augmentation journey. She only uses implants with a patient lifetime guarantee.

Speak to Dr. Landman’s office today if you have any questions regarding this procedure, the healing/recovery time or other issues, or if you want to schedule a consultation.